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Kerry Munroe

Having owned a camera since my early teens, I have always loved taking photos.  My early career in publishing meant I was always working with text, and more importantly, images.  This was pre-Mac time, when photographs were supplied as prints or transparencies, and cropping was done by hand.  I like to think this gave me my eye for strong composition.

When digital came along a whole new world opened up to me - no more expensive film to process and no more waiting to see if the shot had worked out (when more often than not it hadn't!).

Photography has always been a much loved hobby - today it’s a passion.  Nowadays I see the world through my "camera eyes" capturing everything from the every day to the extra ordinary.  

I love colour and texture. I love to travel. I love taking photographs of people I meet on my travels and making a connection with them which means you can see our connection in their eyes. I love my garden and shooting everything that grows in it through the seasons. Nature is pretty amazing!